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Gold is most popular as an investment, of all the precious metals. Currently, there is a lot of buzz about gold as an investment in New Zealand. Just like other investments, gold investment profits depend on luck.

The value of gold is increasing day by day in NZ and due to this the market is flooded with gold investment NZ dealers, whereby most investors are internet based. To be on the safe side, as an investor you should remember that gold is a commodity and its price can rise and also fall, so do thorough research before you go and invest in gold investment New Zealand. Unlike many other investments gold investment does not earn you an interest. Plus you may have to pay for insurance and storage costs.

This video shows you how to invest in Gold and why gold investment is the most popular type of investment locally and in overseas. Check it out.

Gold Investment in New Zealand

  • People want to take advantage of a secure commodity as the high demand of gold generally makes it low in supply. (The demand is higher than the supply.)
  • To preserve it for a long period of time.
  • For asset protection.
  • To protect their assets inflation/ or a decline in currencies.
  • For diversification.

There are a number of ways in which you can invest in gold; PHYSICAL GOLD and PAPER GOLD.

Bullion is gold in bulk form such as bars, coins and ingots. You can buy bullion gold in NZ from a gold dealer directly or online. In this case you will be required to pay extra costs for secure transportation, storage and insurance.

Advantages of Physical Gold Investment

  • Bullion gold is the safest form of investment in the gold market.
  • It is owned by you.
  • Its price will never decrease to zero unlike in other forms of investments.
  • Physical gold- is accepted world wide
  • It is portable.

Disadvantages of Physical Gold Investment

  • It can be stolen.
  • You have to store it in a vault and therefore pay a price for storage, security and insurance.
  • When you buy physical gold you have to pay a price premium.

Paper Gold is investing in companies that mine gold. If the price of the gold goes up, so will the mining companies profits and their share price, which will give profit to you as an investor.

Where to Buy Gold in New Zealand

New Zealand Mint is a NZ investment company that provides gold investment in NZ. Either you want to buy gold or silver bars and coins it is really easy with NZ Mint. All the information about their products is given on their website. All you have to do is simply pick the product you are interested to buy then send an enquiry via a quote form or you can call them directly for further guidance.


Phone: 0800 696 4681 (NZ)

+64 9 377 6837 (international)

NZ Gold Merchants LTD is a growing industrial company that has been providing gold, silver, platinum and mercury ore assaying services in New Zealand since the 1960’s and are continuing to innovate with products and services found nowhere in New Zealand. This is one of the best companies where you can invest in any type of gold investment. For more information about NZ Gold Merchants LTD visit their website or call them on:


Free phone: 0800 10 53 34

Phone: 64 9 634 0529

Fax: 64 9 634 2847


My Gold is located in the heart of Auckland, New Zealand and is run by independent family that manufactures gold. They offer physical gold bars to kiwi investors and happy to help you get into gold investment in New Zealand.

My Gold offers a wide range of Gold bar sizes at very competitive rates and is suitable for any type of investor. If your are just getting to the gold investment market or have been investing in gold for a long time My Gold will be able to help you in all your physical gold investment in NZ.

For more information about NZ Gold Merchants LTD visit their website or call them on:

Phone : 0800 465 369

Email :

Gold investment is becoming a common type of investment all over the world today. It is considered the safest investment when compared to other type of investments. There are a number of companies that provide gold investment in New Zealand.

Before deciding on the type of investment you want to make it is advisable to do thorough research online and locally on the investment trends and profits before proceeding further.

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