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Types of Investment

Check out some of the best types of investments that has produced some of the best returns in the past. 


Most popular and most rewarding investment in New Zealand is property

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One of the most volatile but very lucrative investment if done right.

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Investing in Gold, silver and other commodity has been very profitable.

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Most popular and most rewarding investment in New Zealand is property and most people are making large sums of money with it. Find out how most of the investors are making money with Property Investment in New Zealand


Gold Investment is one of  the fastest growing type of investment in world. If you are looking to invest in Gold then we can help. We have information and advice on how to get started. Check out more information on

Share Investment NZ

Share Investment

Looking to invest in Stock in New Zealand ? Need information on how and where to get started ? Then we can help, we have sourced out information, advice and tips on how and where to get started in stock investment. Check out more information on

Less Known Investment Types

There are many types of investment that can give you good returns in NZ. Some of these are less commonly known but offer long term returns. With these investment risk is low but its much safer then hard and fast investment types.  


Investing in forestry can take the form of buying or leasing land to plant a forest on

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Term Deposit

Term Deposit offers a fixed return for a set period. Safe but low returns

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mutual fund is a company that pools money from many investors and invests.

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