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Looking for a great investment in New Zealand? Then property investment might be your answer. The property market is very hot at the moment and lots of property investors are making a big money from it. At we have sourced out information that will help you in deciding if property investment is right for you.

Property investing is not for everyone so get advice from professional property advisor or someone who has experience in property investing. A lot of money is involved so one wrong move can be very costly. 

Learn how to invest in property

Learn to invest in property



What is Property Investment ?

Investment Property is any property that is purchased with specific intent to generate profit. This property is not occupied by the owner but it is given on rent or flipped for profit . Investing in rental property has been one of the best type of investment for kiwis. The property market has been quite profitable lately and looks like the trend is going to continue in near future especially in Auckland. Investing in a property is beneficiary to the owners as they can 

  • Buy the property in low price and sell it for a higher price,

  • Buy the property, renovate it and sell it for profit. 

  • Buy the property and let it out for rent 

There are few different types of property investment available in New Zealand. Deciding on what type of property investment to go for can be difficult. We have sourced out information, advice and tips on finding out the right type of property investment for you. Check out the different property investments and decide which one is going to be the best for your investment needs.

Types Of Property Investment

Check out 2 main types of property investment

Residential Property Investment

Most popular and most rewarding investment in New Zealand is property and most people are making large sums of money with it. Find out how most of the investors are making money with Residential Property Investment in New Zealand


Commercial Property Investment

Commercial property investment can be very profitable if done right. To get the best returns your must know all your ins and out of investing in commercial property. Check out free information and tips on getting this right. 

Commercial Property Investment New Zealand



One of the most popular type of investment in New Zealand is Rental property. If you looking to invest in residential property, then this type of property investment could be for you.


If you want to make money fast and have a large sum of money to invest, then you should consider flipping property Investment. Its is bit risky but if done right it can be very profitable.


Buying and renovating a property for resale is one of the best type of investment in New Zealand. This only works if you have large deposit and have money left over for renovation.

Risk With Property Investment

With any type of investment there is always a risk and property investment is the same. Heaps of people have lost everything when the property market crashed years back. So knowing the risk involved in property market you will be able to minimize the risk . We have sourced out some of the risk associated with property investment. Check out the Property Investment risk here >>

Tips For Beginners

Property investment can be complicated and very risky, it is a very big investment and it take careful planning and research to get started. We have put together some of the basic tips that will be of help to you with your investment propertyAre you thinking about entering the Rental property Market? Here’s some of the Essential guide and Tips for successful Property Investment

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Planning your investment is the key to success and getting this right will make all the difference.


f you get a chance, go to property investment seminars and do your research online.


Consult property investment advisors and seek professional help if you are newbie


Make sure to have support from your banks and lawyers when investing in property.