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Forestry Investment In New Zealand

Thinking for investing in Forestry? Want to know more about it? Then we can help. We have sourced out information that will help you in deciding if investing in forest is going to be the best type of investment for you.. This type of investment is not for everyone so thorough research and professional advice is highly recommended. Forestry Investment In NZ can be very lucrative if done right

Forestry Investment

Over the past few years forestry and all other forms of timber investments have outperformed most of the other assets that one possessed and gave people a return of around 15% per annum.

There are plenty of people who’ve become millionaires over the past decade just by investing in the timber industry. Therefore, if you’re looking for a meaningful investment, the forestry department may just be the answer you seek.

You may wonder how you find the best forestry deals and how would you as an individual be able to invest in the forestry industry when you don’t have millions to invest in it? Is this high return, low risk industry just for the rich? Well, it actually is, but you could change that.

Forestry Investment for Small Investors

There are plenty of options wherein smaller investors would be able to invest in the forestry industry and they begin with wood such as pine, arga wood, teak wood as well as bamboo and Paulownia.

Moreover, when it comes to investing in the forestry industry, you’d obviously not be able to invest your money in the cities as you’d have to invest in some forest or another and therefore you may need to travel far even to other countries and continents in order to find a growing economy and invest in their market. New Zealand is one of the leading countries in forestry investment so if you looking to invest here then you cant go wrong. With stable economy and government its the ideal place to get started.

You would need to pick the kind of investment based on the political stability of a region as well as the duration in which you would want to get your money back. Therefore, you’d have to pick the kind of wood accordingly.

So, before you make an investment you would need to check out some of the historic data and the fluctuations in the price of the wood as stats are very important in this industry. Moreover, it would be better to conduct the research yourself as this is one industry where mistakes shouldn’t be made.

Things to consider with Forestry Investment

These are some of the basic things to consider when getting started with forestry investment. This type of investment will take careful planning and is not for everyone. Do your research and only go into it if you are completely understand how it works and if you will be able to get good return for your investment.

  • Finance for Investment

  • Sourcing Land for forestry

  • Deciding what type of forest to invest in

  • Planning the forest

  • Planting the trees

  • Insurance for the forest

  • Managing the forest

  • Maintaining the forest

  • Carbon management

  • Marking the logs

  • Harvesting the forest

How to get into Forestry Investment ?

Smaller investors could begin by owning a few hectares of land and as the year’s progress and they build their capital they would be able to expand and buy more land. The land that you buy would be treated well just like the land around it and you would receive your returns at the end of the day (i.e. during harvest time).

Also as it’s widely accepted, don’t place all your eggs in one basket and therefore it would be advisable to buy a few hectares of land in various places rather than a huge chunk in a single forest.

Professional Help with Forestry Investment ?

If you are serious about investing in Forestry then you can get in contact with investment manager or check out IFSGrowth. They have been in the forestry investment sector for more than 30 years.

IFS Growth offers comprehensive forestry investment consulting services to the owners of new or existing forests.

Even if you are just starting or thinking of getting started they will be able to point you in the right direction. for more information you can check out their website :