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Term Deposit

Term investment In New Zealand

Term investment is same as bank deposits and is one of the safest investment opportunities in New Zealand. If you are looking for a safe and guaranteed return on your investment then you should consider term deposit.

There are many things to consider when investing in a term deposit, some of the main ones are


One of the main factors to consider is the interest rate you are going to get for your investment. The higher the rate the better it is


How long can you leave the money in the bank for without needing to access it. The longer you leave it the better the rates.


You will have to consider which company you want to deposit your money with. Compare rates and go with highest

Fixed Deposit

One of the things to consider when investing in a bank deposit is how much to invest, If you decide to invest all of your savings then you will have nothing left for emergencies, and if you invest little bit then you are  not going get much returns.

Term Investment Goal

Things to consider for term investment


Finding the right balance will not be hard, just invest what you can to start off with for a short term and when it matures you can add more to it. Once you get the idea of what your investment limits are then you can start investing big amounts, but make sure to keep some money aside for emergency as breaking the term investment will cost you fees.

Safe Amount

Invest what you feel like is the safe amount and if in doubt or If you have large amount of money to invest then you can hire a investment manager who will be able to manage your investments for you.




To Invest


With term deposit you earn a fixed interest rates for a set term. There are many companies that offer term deposit in New Zealand and the rates will differ from one company to another. Getting the best term investment rate can be time consuming and frustrating.

Investing In NZ



Best rates

Fixed Deposit rates

At we have sourced out some of the best places to compare the investment rates in New Zealand. You can check out the latest Term Investment rates at here you can compare the rates from different lenders at one place and see which one is the best for your investment needs.

Fixed Deposit NZ




who to invest with

Deciding on who to invest with can be easy if you know what to look for in a company? If you invest with the company that has the best ratings and have been trial and tested within the community then you will have lower risk of losing your money. One of the most important thing to consider when deciding who to invest with is the credit ratings. You can obtain the ratings by approaching the investment companies ( banks, financial insinuations ) or checking it out at

Term Deposit Investment Banks




Fixed Term

Deciding on how long to invest is going to crucial, as with term investment the longer you invest for the higher the return on investment. The downside of this is that you will not be able to gain access to your money for a long periods, you will have to break the term investment to gain access to it and you will incur fees for this. Investment rates changes quite often and if you decide to invest it for a longer term you might lose out on the valuable term investment rate increase.


Split Investment

If you got bit of money to invest in bank deposit then consider splitting them into short and long term deposits. This will give you access to money when the short term investment matures while still getting higher returns on the long term investment. 


Best Company

Best Term Investment Companies

The best term investment companies are your local banks, they offer low risk  term investment and if you have been using a particular bank for a while then talk to one of the banking managers, they will be able to guide you through the process of getting you setup for a term investment.

Make sure you always do your own research and find out as much as possible about a company or bank before setting up an investment with them. If you need further advice please consult with a processionals investment manager or adviser.

Being Smart

About Your Investment

As with every investment there is a certain risk involved and term investment is the same. Term deposits are usually the safest type of investments but there are times when you can lose everything that you invested. If a bank or the company that you invest with goes bankrupt then you can lose all your deposits.

This is rare but its not impossible, in overseas some of the major banks have failed and people have lost lot of money. New Zealand banks have good ratings and have been great for short and long term investors.

If you are looking to invest large sum of money with the banks and want to minimize risk then best option is to use several banks or financial insinuations instead of one. In this situation if one of the companies fail then you will only lose the money you have deposited with them but your other investments with other institutions will be safe.

Always check the companies credit ratings and do you research before investing your life savings with any one as its takes years to accumulate savings and few days to lose it.

Risk With Term Investment

Investment Advisor


Term Deposit

  • One of the safest investments around.

  • Good return on Investment ( Banks are giving out good term deposit rates )

  • Low risk investment ( less volatility in the term deposit market )

  • Guaranteed returns ( You will earn interest from your investment when it matures )

  • High liquidity (can have access to your investment if you need to in a hurry )


Term Deposit

  • You will no have access to your money unless your break the term deposit

  • Fees will be charged if you decide to access your money before it matures

  • Risk of losing all your money if the banks fail ( Not likely but p[possible )

  • Low return on Investment compared to some of the other investments

Investing In NZ

Who can help with Term Deposit ?

When looking to invest large amount of money its best to talk to your local bank mangers, they will be able to advice you the safest and best way to invest you money with them. You can also ask them to provide you with an investment statement with their credit ratings.

If you are still not convinced and like professional help then consider getting professional advice from an investment adviser.