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Investing in New Zealand has changed a lot in recent years with the introduction of new technology and infrastructure. A lot of barriers have been lifted and a lot more options are available for beginner investors. To take full advantage and to get the best returns for your investment, investment information is key. That’s where we come in! has been helping kiwi’s by providing independent free information on everything about investing in New Zealand. Our information is free and independent and aimed towards kiwi’s who are just getting into investing in NZ. We call it the beginners investment guide. Check out some of the best types of investment available in NZ


Commodity investing made easy : Check out free information on how and where to invest in Commodity in New Zealand.


Property Investment In New Zealand : Free guide to investing in property in New Zealand. What you need to know.


Investing in Shares in New Zealand : Check out information on how and where to invest in shares in New Zealand. Its quick and simple

Investment Options

There are many different types of investment available in New Zealand some are well know and some not so much. Below are some not so well know investment options but still produce good return on investment 

About US nz has been providing free and independent information about investing in New Zealand. All information should be used as guide only and must not be considered as investment advice